01. It will take a few days to [orient] you to the routine in our office.
02. Our salesmen are very success-[oriented], and are largely responsible for the continued success of our enterprise.
03. During [orientation] week, the students will be introduced to all the facilities available to them during their studies here.
04. After receiving a blow to the head, the player was confused and [disoriented], and had to leave the game.
05. According to some research, one in four gay men has been physically assaulted as a result of his perceived sexual [orientation].
06. The [orientation] of new students in our program is the responsibility of the socio-cultural coordinator.
07. The house is [oriented] towards the south, so it gets lots of sun.
08. Living in a new culture can be a very [disorienting] experience.
09. There will be an [orientation] meeting for new employees on Tuesday.
10. The child seemed dizzy and [disoriented], and wasn't able to stand up.
11. The office is putting together some [orientation] materials to help new students adjust to life on campus.
12. In the early days of Islam, worshippers prayed in any available space, provided it was [oriented] towards Mecca.
13. People's behavior is [oriented] to their culture and its rules.
14. Schools play a vital role in [orienting] children to their society.
15. If your son shows any signs of nausea or [disorientation] this evening, you must take him to the hospital to get that bump on his head looked at.
16. He is very family-[oriented], and isn't interested in getting promoted if it means he will have less time to spend with his children.
17. Feelings of alienation and [disorientation] are common signs of culture shock.
18. A certain kind of flower makes bees so drunk that they become [disoriented], and then dump their load of pollen on the flower.
19. It is illegal to discriminate against someone based on their race, sex, age or sexual [orientation].
20. In Korea's male-[oriented] society divorce is relatively uncommon because the consequences are generally so negative for women.
21. I've never seen him with a woman, and I'm actually a little unsure as to his sexual [orientation].
22. Alvin Toffler described future shock as the shattering stress and [disorientation] that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.
23. Camille Paglia once suggested that never in history have women had more freedom of choice in regard to dress, behavior, career, and sexual [orientation].
24. The hikers were able to use the stars to [orientate] themselves, and eventually find a road.
25. People's behavior is generally [oriented] to their culture and its rules.
26. The personal [disorientation] experienced when one is immersed in a foreign culture is known as culture shock.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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